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Our wine selection is great. We work with bio-dynamic winemakers that have a smaller production, therefore our wine list changes often. We have wines for everyone. If you are used to conventional wines, we can help you find a wine that you can easily adapt to. If you feel like exploring, we have wines that are funky, sour, hysterical, and epic. We are here to help you. Our selection includes red, white, rosé, and also, orange wines, sparkling red, sparkling white, sparkling rosé, and orange wines. We have almost everything.

What's the fuss?

Hand picked, organic/bio-dynamic grapes

The entirety of the domaine from which the grapes are issued must be farmed organically and/or biodynamically.

Without adding or removing anything

No winemaking additives (yeasts, enzymes, vitamins, lysozymes etc) may be used in the cellar. No ‘heavy-manipulation’ has been carried out using wine-making gadgetry such as reverse osmosis, cryo-extraction, spinning cone, and so forth. No sterile filtration or pasteurisation. Vegan friendly.

Living wine

The result is a living wine – wholesome and full of naturally occurring microbiology.

No alcohol will be served or sold to anyone under age 18. Proof of age might be required.

Natural wines
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